What We Believe

God VS Everything is more than a custom apparel line. We are a meaningfully purposed Brand. Through our clothing, we aim to enlighten and strengthen the understanding and importance of God in our daily lives. God is firmly rooted at the center of our message, and focus of our company. 


GVE (God VS Everything) was started when our Founder & CEO had been wrongfully and unceremoniously released from his Corporate job. It was at this low point in his life that he decided to take stock in what he had known but not acknowledged - God is STILL God and with us even in the midst of our suffering, anger and pain. 


Society can be competitive, mean and unmerciful. Everyday there are incidences of Race VS Race, Men VS Women, Democrats VS Republicans, Sanity VS Insanity, Right VS Wrong, Truth VS Fiction. Heck, we even have Cities VS Everybody. The battles are endless.

However, we believe that regardless the situation or opposition, regardless if one side is stacked greater than the other, regardless of the multitudes of attacks we face daily - we take solace in knowing that God is still in command! We know that He is greater than anything this world offers up. 


By standing with God, and being fully aware of who He is and what He is capable of, we know that victory is already ours. God is over everything. Therefore, we side with Him as we go up against everything that this world brings our way.

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