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Don't Forget Your Soul

Our bodies are truly amazing! Our heart, which I liken to the engine of a car, gives us power and gets us up and moving. Our brain, which I liken to a car's control center, processes the Who/What/When/Why and How of everything we do. From the layman perspective, one could easily say that the brain and heart are the 2 most vital components of the human body.

But there is one component, one that cannot be seen or touched, that I believe outranks them both. The Soul.

As powerful as the heart is, the soul determines WHAT TYPE of heart one has. Likewise for the brain. It is ones soul that directs the brain to carryout good or bad/right or wrong tasks. It is the soul of a person that assigns character, or lack there of. It is ones soul that anchors the beliefs and truths that make one a good person. It is ones soul that others can see and feel, even though they cannot physically see or feel it.

At some point, our life will end. In the natural progression, our bodies will grow frail and unable to sustain life. Unfortunately for some, acts of cruelty will be the cause of death. In either case, if the circumstances allow, our bodies will other be placed in a casket or our ashes in an urn. The body, which houses the heart and brain, will be mourned, because when people view the body, naturally they see you, and their grief will be evident.

BUT...I submit to you, that left out of the equation and most times overlooked, is the soul. Our soul, more so than our body, is the true representation of who we are. It is our soul that many believe will live on beyond the realm of Earth. It is our soul that many believe will ascend to Heaven. It is the soul, NOT the body, that has eternal life.

Therefore, I say to you, be mindful of this. Nurture, protect and value your SOUL! Through the trials and challenges, keep your soul righteous and unwavering. Through the wins and celebrations, keep your soul humble and fair. Through all that you do, stay appreciative that it is your SOUL that people are ultimately seeing when they see and speak of you. Your soul shines through your body, and it is your soul that leaves an definable mark on others.

I implore you to understand that there is reasoning in the phrase

MIND, BODY and SOUL! The Mind (Brain), the Body (Heart) and the Soul (your make up/character) are all 3 needed to complete the trilogy of who one truly is. The soul may need the heart and brain to live within a temporary body on Earth, but the soul will live on autonomously after the other 2 cease to exist. And it is the soul that will be seen by God on Judgement Day. Be careful...

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