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Brickface, which means Be Righteous In Christ Keep Faith And Conquer Everything, is an upcoming Gospel Rap Artist from Monroe, Louisiana. With over 20+ years of music experience, he has now dedicated his life to Christ, and uses his gift to uplift, encourage and motivate the youth.


"Change is mandatory and it comes with growth. I've chosen to give my life to God because of my own experiences and blessings in my life. That's why I changed lanes in the music industry. I feel I've been doing things the street way and my way all my life. It's now time for me to elevate, and walk into my purpose that the Lord has for me. Gospel Rap is allowing me to prepare hearts to receive the Gospel".


While scrolling through a gospel rap group on Facebook in March of 2019, he came across a post about an offer to be a part of a clothing line called

"God Vs. Everything". "They were looking for a Gospel Rap artist to make a verse about their brand and clothing. Once I saw it, I automatically felt connected to it through the spirit. I enjoy participating in anything positive that has to do with spreading the Gospel, so I reached out the owner and wrote the theme song for God Vs. Everything. I just took the concept he had and created my own canvas to paint my vision to his art. To show you just how good God is and how He works, when the owner heard what I had produced, he used a portion of a lyric to describe the clothing. Now God Vs Everything has the tagline Kingdom Branded Apparel, which was conceived from my line Kingdom Brand Clothing. That alone shows you that this union was meant to be. Your talent is your gift from God, what you do with it is your gift back to Him".


Brickface is currently working on his 1st studio album entitled "Soul Of A Prophet". With plans on releasing the single "I Give Praise" early June he's definitely an artist on the rise.


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